Synopsis of Hereafter by Luiz C. Carvalho


If you are like me and enjoy a good movie as a form of cultural entertainment, make a point to watch the movie:  Hereafter, whose second meaning means (usually preceded by the) life after death, the future. It could be literally translated into Portuguese as Vida Após a Morte ou O Futuro, but whose adapted version, for marketing purposes, is Além da Vida.

The movie is starred by Matt Damon,


the main character, and a more mature actor today – this is visibly shown in his performance, who lives the predicament of being in the midst of what he calls a curse and a spiritual gift and Cecile de France,

who plays a successful French journalist who, after a near death experience and afterlife, changes her beliefs and takes a different path in life.

He is actually a psychic who resisted the temptation to make a living out of such an ordeal in his life, since most of his readings were  about dead people or painful  human experiences.

The beauty of the movie is also the brilliant combination of two languages – my favorite ones, for that matter: English and French, as well as the blending and contrast of three different wonderful cities and cultures: San Francisco, London, and Paris.

Clint Eastwood, writer and director of the movie, had also the presence of spirit to connect three completely different lives in a drama that revolves around the uncertainty of what this life is all about through the gift and dilemma lived by  Matt Damon´s character and what really happens afterwards.

Furthermore, Clint managed to portray with such magnitude what the real effects of Tsunami must be like through the wonderful special effects shown at the very beginning of the movie. Its unprecedent and coveted breathtaking scenes will definitely keep you glued to the big screen in awe and, why not say, appalled with how desvasting a tragedy like this can be.

Also, it´s an opportunity for you to reflect upon your convictions in this regards, as the story puts you in perspective with your deepest spiritual beliefs or lack of them.

I recommend as a great form of entertainment and a good excuse for you to improve your English as well.😉

If you do not understand the movie, or segments of it, as well as this article, do not hesitate to contact me either through or

Feel free to write whatever comments about this article, either in English or Portuguese.

Now, time to buy some popcorn and enjoy this great movie! Watch it and let me know your opinion about it, will you?

See you next time!


About Prof. and Interpreter Luiz C. Carvalho

EM PORTUGUÊS (SEE BELOW FOR ENGLISH VERSION) Luiz Claudio Carvalho, Professor, Tradutor, Interprete e Locutor(Voice-over) profissional, tem mais de 23 anos de experiência como professor de inglês, na área de treinamento de professores, tradução e interpretação. Luiz é um incansável aprendiz da língua inglesa que procura o melhor para os seus alunos e para aqueles que querem fazer uso de seu profissionalismo nas respectivas areas. Sua experiência e especialização no idioma podem ser resumidos pela aquisição com sucesso dos certificados de proficiência mais renomados no idioma, tais como os das universidades de CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, MICHIGAN, LYNN UNIVERSITY, FAU, Miami Dade College, entre outras. Nos últimos 10 anos, Luiz Claudio Carvalho esteve residindo nos Estados Unidos e viajando por toda a América, lecionando inglês como segunda língua e português para norte-americanos e canadenses, trabalhando como intérprete e tradutor, mas com foco sempre em desenvolver novas técnicas, aprimorar metodologia e observar na prática explorando técnicas adequadas para acelerar o processo de aprendizagem do idioma. Através dessa oportunidade e experiência, o Prof. Luiz Carvalho desenvolveu o curso INTERaction: Um curso voltado especificamente para conversação, onde as principais estruturas gramaticais são contextualizadas de uma forma agradável e dinâmica muito peculiar, com o intuito de tornar você, estudante de inglês, um falante nato da língua no menor espaço de tempo possível. E-mail: or
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