Cultural Overnight or Cultural Turmoil?


With all due to respect to my own country, and more specifically to São Paulo, the state and city that warmly receive people from all over the world, what we´ve been watching these last 24 hours has nothing to do with real culture.

Despite the City Hall´s good intentions and attempt to provide the city and its residents with some free-of-charge cultural exposure, I would say what´s  happened has more to do with turmoil, vandalism, and disorder than what was supposedly to be moments of entertainment and culture. 

Needless to say, what was supposed to be a set of events spread throughout the city where people could attend them and benefit from the cultural value that they should somehow instill, unfortunately became a perfect stage for  drug users, drunkards, and vandalists abound by literally taking over every square meter of the whole city making it virtually impossible to watch or attend anything peacefully, to put it mildly.

What can be learned from this experience is that the city is not prepared, due to its great population , their level of civility, good manners, and above all education to organize any form of event of such magnitude.


It´s high time our leaders realized that and consider this premise before they think about doing anything similar ever again. What we can see today is a city, completely filthy, filled with litter and empty bottles of alcoholic beverages all over the place which is far from being the culture they were trying to share or pass on to people in the first place.

The Cultural Overnight was nothing more than a frustrated attempt to provide culture for a city which is neither prepared nor has the infrastructure to receive it.

May this be a lesson of how much we still need to change and improve in order to be the spotlight for the two great forthcoming events we are up to: World Cup and Olympic Games.

There is still a lot to be done, especially when it comes to education and good manners. It´s sad, but it´s true. What can I do? It´s my country and I love it, so I write this blog to bring this to our attention because each and everyone of us, within our sphere of influence, can make a difference. 

Besides, as an optimist, I do believe, besides my constructive criticism, in our creative spirit to turn things around and surprise everyone by then.


 Luiz C. Carvalho (Se você não conseguiu entender esse blog ou parte do mesmo, escreva para ou que eu terei prazer em lhe enviar quaisquer esclarecimentos sobre o mesmo e INTERNACIONALIZE-SE: APRENDA INGLÊS!


About Prof. and Interpreter Luiz C. Carvalho

EM PORTUGUÊS (SEE BELOW FOR ENGLISH VERSION) Luiz Claudio Carvalho, Professor, Tradutor, Interprete e Locutor(Voice-over) profissional, tem mais de 23 anos de experiência como professor de inglês, na área de treinamento de professores, tradução e interpretação. Luiz é um incansável aprendiz da língua inglesa que procura o melhor para os seus alunos e para aqueles que querem fazer uso de seu profissionalismo nas respectivas areas. Sua experiência e especialização no idioma podem ser resumidos pela aquisição com sucesso dos certificados de proficiência mais renomados no idioma, tais como os das universidades de CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, MICHIGAN, LYNN UNIVERSITY, FAU, Miami Dade College, entre outras. Nos últimos 10 anos, Luiz Claudio Carvalho esteve residindo nos Estados Unidos e viajando por toda a América, lecionando inglês como segunda língua e português para norte-americanos e canadenses, trabalhando como intérprete e tradutor, mas com foco sempre em desenvolver novas técnicas, aprimorar metodologia e observar na prática explorando técnicas adequadas para acelerar o processo de aprendizagem do idioma. Através dessa oportunidade e experiência, o Prof. Luiz Carvalho desenvolveu o curso INTERaction: Um curso voltado especificamente para conversação, onde as principais estruturas gramaticais são contextualizadas de uma forma agradável e dinâmica muito peculiar, com o intuito de tornar você, estudante de inglês, um falante nato da língua no menor espaço de tempo possível. E-mail: or
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