The Power of Writing !

Writing is another abilty that can cause significant progress in your communication skills and make you extraordinarily competent and effective in the language. And the way you do it is entirely up to you. Either handwriting

or using a computer,

you are making progress as you put your ideas on paper. Keep on reading to learn why.

While learning English, we develop two skills: RECEPTIVE AND PRODUCTIVE. Receptive skills are our ability to understand the language or respond to it in case someone addresses or interacts with us.

Productive skills are  our ability to speak, that is, produce language. The latter one is normally not achieved satisfactorily in the English courses (cursinhos), generally speaking.


And the simple reason why is that classrooms are crowded with students and classes tend to be teacher-centered where the teacher is in the spotlight all the time and students are mere expectators, which make them great listeners and completely passive in the language.

As mentioned in one particular blog I wrote some time ago, I´ve designed the INTERaction as a solution to make up for this particular flaw found in most courses  by making students more productive in the classroom. If you want to learn more about it, read this link:

For you student, it´s extremely important to bear in mind that if you want to have great command of the language, it´s necessary to work on these four fundamental abilities: SPEAKING, LISTENING, WRITING AND READING.

In order for you to become more productive in the language, here  comes the key. Internalize it: Listening and Reading are PASSIVE, i.e., Receptive Skills. For you to develop more your skills as a speaker and communicator, you must understand that you have do more writing and speaking.

In this particular article, I am going to isolate the topic WRITING.

Writing can do wonders to your English. How? Think about it. When you write, you have to come up with ideas, organize them in a sequence, make them intelligible, make sure you are precise, accurate when it comes to grammar, spelling, etc. It´s not easy – it requires a thinking and elaborate process. In the process, normally, you have to read, re-read it to be sure it sounds natural and appealing to the reader, avoiding repetition of words and always improving its form.

download (1)

Another interesting aspect of writing in an another language is that you have to come up with words that you haven´t learned yet, which is extremely productive to your growth and expression increase as well as to become a more successful communicator. Writing requires contents, creativity, vocabulary and, depending on the topic, a lot of imagination, and it is, above all, one of the greatest exercises for you to improve in the language and become effective in expressing yourself. So, what are you waiting for to start writing? I am sure your teacher will be all eyes to read and provide you with some invaluable feedback for you to advance more in your English.

But before you write, let me give you  an important hint:

Write from your heart first – metaphorically speaking, let  thoughts and emotions lead you in the process as you write along and only when you are done should you concern about form; that´s when your intellect and reasoning come in, fixing whatever slips or errors you made both in form and grammar.


The links below will lead you to several comments I wrote that were published by TIME (in this case there is only one because I prefer to comment more on events in my own country) as well as VEJA magazine;  and I am posting them not to beat on my chest  or brag about this paticular skill. It´s just a way to show and prove you that when something is well written and clear, expressing genuine and true thoughts or opinion about something of common interest, it´s worth sharing with other readers. I am not whatsoever special because of that – and if I could do it, SO CAN YOU:,9171,996651,00.html  ( terceira a ser publicada) ( quarta carta)  ( segunda carta) ( segunda carta)

 Furthermore, to bring up the best in you, the best writer in you and, more importantly, the best PERSON in you !

All the best of luck and to your success,

Luiz C. Carvalho


About Prof. and Interpreter Luiz C. Carvalho

EM PORTUGUÊS (SEE BELOW FOR ENGLISH VERSION) Luiz Claudio Carvalho, Professor, Tradutor, Interprete e Locutor(Voice-over) profissional, tem mais de 23 anos de experiência como professor de inglês, na área de treinamento de professores, tradução e interpretação. Luiz é um incansável aprendiz da língua inglesa que procura o melhor para os seus alunos e para aqueles que querem fazer uso de seu profissionalismo nas respectivas areas. Sua experiência e especialização no idioma podem ser resumidos pela aquisição com sucesso dos certificados de proficiência mais renomados no idioma, tais como os das universidades de CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, MICHIGAN, LYNN UNIVERSITY, FAU, Miami Dade College, entre outras. Nos últimos 10 anos, Luiz Claudio Carvalho esteve residindo nos Estados Unidos e viajando por toda a América, lecionando inglês como segunda língua e português para norte-americanos e canadenses, trabalhando como intérprete e tradutor, mas com foco sempre em desenvolver novas técnicas, aprimorar metodologia e observar na prática explorando técnicas adequadas para acelerar o processo de aprendizagem do idioma. Através dessa oportunidade e experiência, o Prof. Luiz Carvalho desenvolveu o curso INTERaction: Um curso voltado especificamente para conversação, onde as principais estruturas gramaticais são contextualizadas de uma forma agradável e dinâmica muito peculiar, com o intuito de tornar você, estudante de inglês, um falante nato da língua no menor espaço de tempo possível. E-mail: or
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