Learning From The Chosen one – O Céu Não Pode Esperar !

I am back. How are you guys doing?

I´ve got another movie tip for you.  This one came out last year, 2010, and it has a great lesson of life.

It´s called the CHOSEN ONE – translated, for  marketing purposes as usual, as O CÉU NÃO PODE ESPERAR

It combines elements of comedy and drama simultaneously, making it a very original movie. I loved it.

THE CHOSEN ONE is starrred, and directed by the same artist: Rob Schneider (well remembered as one of Adam´s Sandler´s partners on the TV show Saturday night live in New York – great success in the 80s,  also by his participation in the movie Big Daddy)  

and it´s a low-cost production in which Rob was able to come up with a fine state-of-the-art motion Picture blending Colombian and American cultures, as the story links both through its characters.

This movie wll definitely enrich your life through the philosophical messages subtly imbued of a character who, at the beginning, has to endure the deep pain of being  dumped, but turns his life around and becomes a sort of hero who saves an endangered civilization.

It´s a nice story of spiritual and psychological growth which makes him an extraordinary person at the end and may invite you to think over your own life and values.

Furthermore, it  teaches us that as long as we keep any sort of negative emotions inside us

and don´t ever let go of them by initially forgiving ourselves, we´re literally trapped and unable to live our lives to its fullest, as it hinders us to experience what we came her for, which, according to the message, is developing our faith in God and in ourselves.

 The underlying message is as follows.

I believe many of us have, at some point in life, lose our motivation or lack encouragement after being a victim of some unexpected event or misfortune that come our way, sometimes, out of the blue.

This can bring, as a result, a feeling of guilt or unforgiveness to ourselves, which may sabotage us in different areas, consequentely, paralyzing or limiting our actions despite our best efforts to succeed – as it is a subconscious mechanism to bring us down to where we used to be, it goes, most of the times, unnoticed and unexplained or hard to be understood. However, it is Paramount to learn what it is and cope with it so that you can actually become a happy and a well-resolved person.

 That´s my perspective and if you want to have your own, just watch the movie. Besides being a great learning experience, you will have lots of fun with Rob´s and the casting´s performance, which is simply great and hilarious.

Enjoy it..

Luiz C. Carvalho


About Prof. and Interpreter Luiz C. Carvalho

EM PORTUGUÊS (SEE BELOW FOR ENGLISH VERSION) Luiz Claudio Carvalho, Professor, Tradutor, Interprete e Locutor(Voice-over) profissional, tem mais de 23 anos de experiência como professor de inglês, na área de treinamento de professores, tradução e interpretação. Luiz é um incansável aprendiz da língua inglesa que procura o melhor para os seus alunos e para aqueles que querem fazer uso de seu profissionalismo nas respectivas areas. Sua experiência e especialização no idioma podem ser resumidos pela aquisição com sucesso dos certificados de proficiência mais renomados no idioma, tais como os das universidades de CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, MICHIGAN, LYNN UNIVERSITY, FAU, Miami Dade College, entre outras. Nos últimos 10 anos, Luiz Claudio Carvalho esteve residindo nos Estados Unidos e viajando por toda a América, lecionando inglês como segunda língua e português para norte-americanos e canadenses, trabalhando como intérprete e tradutor, mas com foco sempre em desenvolver novas técnicas, aprimorar metodologia e observar na prática explorando técnicas adequadas para acelerar o processo de aprendizagem do idioma. Através dessa oportunidade e experiência, o Prof. Luiz Carvalho desenvolveu o curso INTERaction: Um curso voltado especificamente para conversação, onde as principais estruturas gramaticais são contextualizadas de uma forma agradável e dinâmica muito peculiar, com o intuito de tornar você, estudante de inglês, um falante nato da língua no menor espaço de tempo possível. E-mail: luizcarv@hotmail.com or luizcarvalhobrazil@gmail.com
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