Learn about wines in English with Sideways !

Some time ago, one of my students invited me to one sophisticated event of wine tasting;

wine 1

I am not or have ever been a wine drinker, but little did I know at the time, that later on down the road, I would watch a movie that not only reinforced the idea of appreciating a good wine but also taught me what this entire process is all about.

The movie SIDEWAYS, starred by Paul Giamati and a somewhat unknown casting is an education about wine and the whole process that entails this big industry all over the world.

If you watch it,  you will have both an education on how to appreciate and taste a good wine and also enjoy a journey through California wineyards in the countryside, whose director briliantly chose to provide the photography with the 70´s color look, making it very distinctive, bucolic,  and kind of original.

sideway not showing


But the highlight of the movie is the strong human feelings that the movie passes to you in each and every piece of it, showing the humanity of the characters as well as  leading you to identify yourself with some of their conflicts, doubts, fears and frustrations in life.

Here are the two main characters Jack and Miles,

two friends, diametrically different and with opposite personalities – that´s the beauty of the movie because such contrast generates a lot of conflict and makes the plot very exciting amd unpredictable at times, who decide to take this week trip.

These two friends decide to spend a week together to celebrate Jack´s  bachelor´s week and enjoy  a little bit some time together way out in some small cities along California region tasting great wines, playing golf, and enjoying good food so send Jack off in style for his married life.

The great landscapes convey both the majestic scenery of the small cities and road along the journey and also the great vineyards where the whole process of manufacturing wine starts and where they can taste the wide range of them; a real education in the Field.

Another interesting point is that they´re reaching middle age with not much to show but disappointments and frustrations, so if I could summarize this movie with single words,


I would say it´s a movie about friendship, anger, disappointment, love, hatred, sensitiviy, sensibility, unfaithfulness, faithfulness, fear, pain, etc, all that combined in a motion picture that will definitely add something to your distinction about love and relationships in general – so another great opportunity to expand you awareness in this regards.

So  embark on a week long road trip through California’s wine country, just as one is about to take a trip down the aisle, and simply enjoy this great movie with an education on how to appreciate and taste wines and live your life better, too.


Enjoy the movie and see you next time.

Luiz C. Carvalho


About Prof. and Interpreter Luiz C. Carvalho

EM PORTUGUÊS (SEE BELOW FOR ENGLISH VERSION) Luiz Claudio Carvalho, Professor, Tradutor, Interprete e Locutor(Voice-over) profissional, tem mais de 23 anos de experiência como professor de inglês, na área de treinamento de professores, tradução e interpretação. Luiz é um incansável aprendiz da língua inglesa que procura o melhor para os seus alunos e para aqueles que querem fazer uso de seu profissionalismo nas respectivas areas. Sua experiência e especialização no idioma podem ser resumidos pela aquisição com sucesso dos certificados de proficiência mais renomados no idioma, tais como os das universidades de CAMBRIDGE, OXFORD, MICHIGAN, LYNN UNIVERSITY, FAU, Miami Dade College, entre outras. Nos últimos 10 anos, Luiz Claudio Carvalho esteve residindo nos Estados Unidos e viajando por toda a América, lecionando inglês como segunda língua e português para norte-americanos e canadenses, trabalhando como intérprete e tradutor, mas com foco sempre em desenvolver novas técnicas, aprimorar metodologia e observar na prática explorando técnicas adequadas para acelerar o processo de aprendizagem do idioma. Através dessa oportunidade e experiência, o Prof. Luiz Carvalho desenvolveu o curso INTERaction: Um curso voltado especificamente para conversação, onde as principais estruturas gramaticais são contextualizadas de uma forma agradável e dinâmica muito peculiar, com o intuito de tornar você, estudante de inglês, um falante nato da língua no menor espaço de tempo possível. E-mail: luizcarv@hotmail.com or luizcarvalhobrazil@gmail.com
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